Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Received my order from NEWLOOK.COM. A bit dissapointed tho as some of the stuff I really want badly are sold. But,that's ok i still got alot of stuff that I like.
I've ordered online as stuff in local New Look store often cost me twice , and even better when you ordered GPB55 (UK site) or USD 75 (USA site) you entitled free shipping . To my relieved ,the shipping only took a week to reach my doorstep. So,of course i went ahead..:p.

So,here what I got

Belted chino

floral skirt

Rib collar bomber jacket in chocolate brown

Spotted print court shoe

Monday, January 30, 2012

It's Spring !!...errrr...Summer? whatever

Sounds funny, but I am excited with any spring n summer fashion collection. I know here around Sout East Asia is one of the hottest place on the planet. So ,spring n summer all  the time..

Recently i start adding colours to my wardrobe, as I always wear basic neutral colours. Starting with these...

Loving that red (actually abit rusty colour) corduroy jeans from Forever 21 as colour starter,paired with thin basic sweater from H&M ,finish the look with Zara ankle boots and animal print sling bag from H&M.

And of course loving this set of pairing...

  And for more earthy colour, i choose this teal green skinny jeans from Zara, cream tie bow blouse from Forever 21,still H&M sling and my flat pump  from Covet...

so,what's your spring colour?